映画で英会話を学ぶ ―映画の台詞は使える英語の宝庫―(2002/3/2)


2、 「今を生きる」 (Dead Poets Society)


(用例)・ I'll second that. : 同感だね。、賛成です。

 (セリフ) I'll second that.

 be stirred up

(関連表現)be stirred up into a frenzy by

 (セリフ) You're in the club ! Being in the club means being stirred up by things. You look about as stirred up as a cesspool.

「君は会のメンバーなんだ!会のメンバーなら、物事に感動するはずなんだ。 君を見てると、まるで肥だめみたいに無感動じゃないか。」

 as far as〜

(1) 〜に関する限りは、〜の範囲までは
(2) 〜の所まで (用例)・ I walked as far as Kyoto Station. : 私は京都駅まで歩いた。
(3) 〜の昔、はるか遠く、はるか以前の

 (セリフ) As far as I'm concerned, he won't have to know about any of this.



 butt out

Butt out!:口出しするな!、余計なお世話だ!

 (セリフ) But that's not the point. The point is that there's nothing you can do about it, so you can just butt out. I can take care of myself just fine. All, right ?

「だけど、問題はそういうことじゃないんだ。 問題は君がどうこうできることじゃないんだから、放っておいてほしいってことだ。自分の面倒はちゃんと自分でみられるから。分かったかい。」

 pipe down

(用例)・ Hey! Will you people please pipe down? This is a library! : おい!おまえら、静かにしてくれないか?ここは図書館だぞ!

 (セリフ) Pipe down !

 It works.

効き目がある。 有効に作用する。

 (セリフ) Well, John, the curriculum here is set. It's proven. It works. It you question it, what's to prevent them from doing the same ?



 get away with〜

(直訳)〜と一体になって逃げる → 〜を持って逃げる
(同)get by with something / do wrong but not get caught

 (セリフ) Don't you dare talk back to me. It's bad that enough that you've wasted your time with this, this absurd acting business. But you deliberately deceived me. How, how, how, how did you expect to get away with this ? Answer me. Who put you up to it ? Was it this new man ? This, uh, uh, Mr. Keating.

「私に口答えなんかするな。 こんな、こんなばかげた演劇なんかにかかわって時間を無駄にしただけでもけしからん。だけど、お前は私をわざとだましただろう。これを、これをどういい逃れするつもりだったんだ?答えろ。誰にそそのかされた?あの


 take care of itself


 (セリフ) I always thought the idea of education was to learn to think for yourself.
・ At these boys' age ? Not on your life ! Tradition, John. Discipline. Prepare them for college and the rest'll take care of itself.


 be through with〜


 (セリフ) I don't care if the world comes to an end tomorrow night. You are through with that play. Is that clear ? Is that clear ?



 barge into〜


 (セリフ) It's fine for you to come barging into my school and make a complete fool out of me ?



 could care less


 (セリフ) Knox. Knox, if it just so happens that I could care less about you....?




(名詞) 犠牲、生け贄、身代わり

 (セリフ) The club, Pittsie. Think about it. The board of directors, the trustees and Mr. Nolan. Do you think for one moment they're gonna let this thing just blow over ? Schools go down because of things like this. They need a scapegoat.




(名詞)<米俗語>密告者、たれ込み屋、スパイ、スト破り、労働スパイ、密告者、警察のスパイ、裏切り者 (語源)アメリカのスト破りの名から
(自動詞) 〜を警察に知らせる、密告する、裏切る

 (セリフ) You finked, didn't you, Cameron ?



 cozy up


 (セリフ) Well, who else do you think, dumb ass ? The administration ? Mr. Perry ?
Mr. Keating put us up to all this crap, didn't he ? If it wasn't for Mr. Keating, Neil would be cozied up in his room right now, studying his chemisry and dreaming of being called "Doctor."